• Staging with Aloha!

    before and after kahala

    Founder of Aloha Staged Interiors LLC, Charene K. Davis has a proven track record of staging homes in Hawaii–helping owners and sellers  showcase their properties in the best possible light between 2004-2013–which shows how staging has become an industry standard in real estate sales and marketing in Hawaii.

    One of the first home stagers in Hawaii, Charene is also the senior designer and stager for Aloha Staged Interiors LLC.

    We work with realtors and brokers island-wide to create win-win situations using the highest form of visual real estate marketing–a staged property for sale.

    A staged home shows a property in the best possible light and helps the seller obtain the highest value for their property that the market will bear.

    We offer a free initial consultation, including “Before” photos along with preparing a bid for staging. “After” photos are also provided, providing both the seller and the realtor with a customized portfolio.

    Call Aloha Staged Interiors LLC–the company with a track record in staged home sales today! 808-347-3883.

    “A home that shows well, sells well.“