High Impact Focal Points

What do you see when you’re about to enter a room, whether from the double-French doors, bedroom door, or from the hall leading to the living area?

Pause for a moment to check it out. Your focal point is visually eye-level, straight ahead in the depth of the room, or the opposite wall. The focal points should help to set the tone for the rest of the room and even beckons you to enter from the doorway.

Use wall space, built-in shelves, or tops of cabinets to place interesting wall hangings, mirrors, or artwork and accessories that complement or accent the basic furniture vignette.

Colorful objects such as plates and vases, and objects with texture or made with natural materials are good focal points for the eyes to rest and gaze upon.

These high-impact focal points help draw the eye to the depth of the room–giving depth, or outside the window–traveling beyond the parameters of the room. Often, the focal points are “show-stoppers” in their own light, such as a water feature or a simple, elegant orchid flower.

Experiment with your art and accessories and place them in different groupings in different areas–you will find the right space for these objects that help to break-up the plain white canvas with splashes of life, color, texture, and personality.

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